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COSI on Wheels is coming to New Haven March 21, 22, & 23! This year's theme is the Incredible Human Machine. In this traveling assembly/hands-on experience students will explore the digestive, nervous, and circulatory systems, plus learn about nutrients and how exercise keeps a body healthy. 


The COSI On Wheels experience is designed to encourage children to ask questions and explore science but we NEED YOUR HELP! Your role during the day will be to help guide students during the hands-on sessions. You do not have to be a science expert to be a COSI On Wheels volunteer! We would like everyone to have fun and learn on the day of the program, including you. 


It is impossible for this program to be a success without you. We need at least 12-15 volunteers each day in order for the students to fully participate in the hands-on activities. 



Please see the class schedule for the assembly and hands-on activities so you can have the opportunity to volunteer when your child/children are at COSI on Wheels. Please understand schedules can change.




If you are able to volunteer all day, lunch will be provided. Also, it is important to attend the volunteer orientation. However, if you sign up for multiple days you only need to come for the volunteer orientation once. if you can only volunteer during the afternoon please come early so you can understand your role before the classes arrive. Thank you!














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