Please go to the below website and enter in your codes!!  Anyone is able to enter codes so don't forget to ask your out of town relatives to enter as well!!


The website is:


But once you put those codes in please don't throw away the lids!!  We are also looking to collect lids so we can then recycle them for benches for the playground or other items that Green Tree Plastics in Evansville makes.  Please see the below list of lids we can take.  Have your child/ren  bring in their lids and we store them.  This is an awesome way to recycle and get cool benches for the school!! 


ACCEPTABLE CAPS-Recycle # 2, 4, or 5

medicine bottle caps

drink bottle caps

soda, water, juice, sport drinks

milk jug caps

flip-top caps (ketchup)

detergent caps

spout caps (mustard)

hair spray caps

spray paint caps

toothpaste caps

ointment tube caps

deodorant caps

baby food caps

apple sauce pouch caps shampoo/conditioner caps

cottage cheese container lids cool whip container lids

mayonnaise jar lids

coffee can lids

yogurt lids

cream cheese container lids

peanut butter jar lids

butter container lids

ice cream bucket lids under 8"

Pringles lids