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Join PTA. 



What is the PTA?

The PTA brings together parents, teachers, and community members who strive towards better education, communication, and community involvement. Just being a member helps you and your child feel more at home at New Haven Elementary. We welcome grandparents, parents, teachers, and others who wish to come together for our children, families, schools and communities.


Why join the PTA?

Studies have shown that children do better in school when their parents are involved at the school, and PTA offers you the perfect opportunity to get to know your school better. The PTA brings together parents who share the common bond of getting the very best education for our children. PTA connects families. So, Be PTA and sign-up today.


What does the PTA do?

PTA funds and supports the following plus so much more:

  • Student programs such as Kentucky Kids Day and Red Ribbon week
  • AR licensing
  • Tools and supplies used in the classroom
  • Recess equipment
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Educational and Motivational Programs



Joining the PTA does NOT obligate you to volunteer. 

The PTA welcomes volunteers and appreciates as little or as much time as you have to offer. However, we realize not everyone can volunteer and joining the PTA does not obligate you to do so.


When you join the PTA, you . . .

  • Help pay for programs
  • Can attend PTA meetings
  • Get valuable information on school activities
  • Have a legislative voice supporting our children’s interests
  • Enjoy benefits and discounts of being a PTA member such as:  Hotel, Car Insurance, Rental Car, Six Flags, Cell Phone & Electronics discounts and much more.


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