Your child’s classroom is in need of a Junior Achievement Volunteer. You are probably wondering…….


What is Junior Achievement?

This program is brought into our school to help students with a fundamental understanding of Entrepreneurship, Career Readiness, and Financial Literacy.


What will I be doing?

* Using hands-on, age-appropriate activities to engage students

* Presenting Junior Achievement’s lesson plans and pre-packaged materials

* Talking about the skills students will need to succeed in the world of work

* Enriching the curriculum with your own experiences…and having fun!


How does the Volunteer know what to teach?

Junior Achievement provides all the materials and a one-time training to assist you with instructions of the program.


So how long does a Volunteer teach?

The program is setup for five 30 – 45 minute teaching periods. Volunteers and teachers will set a flexible schedule for a certain day and time to come in to the classroom and work with the students. The actual start date will be determined by you and the classroom teacher. The classes need to be completed before spring break.


Where and how does a Volunteer get trained?

A training will be held at New Haven; date and time are TBD.



We hope you will consider this opportunity to help with your child’s education. If you are interested in volunteering, or if you have any questions, please contact New Haven’s Junior Achievement Coordinator:


Kristina Smith 

859-384-5325 x80301