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SUBJECT: Eblast! Important Information!




  • November 30th - Archery Parent meeting @ 7pm in the cafeteria **MEETING CANCELED**


  • December 1st-Schoolhouse Photos Pickup in Bus Loop @ 10am-2pm


  • December 9th- New Haven Night at Chipotle




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December 9th     




January 14th















Ever Wonder What Happens to those Pull Tabs?

This is what happens!

Almost 61lbs of pull tabs will go to helping this child and her family have a place to stay during her treatments and hospital stays. 

Thank you to all the Staff, Students and Parents who have contributed!  



Thank You Mrs. Danner! It's hard work to collect, store and return those Tabs on top of hybrid/ virtual/ full in person teaching and you did it and you never complained or griped, you did it with a smile and love in your heart. Your hard work tremendously effects this family. Keep up the good work!  


Archery Meeting is Canceled Tonight. 

More information coming home soon!

Photos Are Expected in Today!

Photos are suppose to arrive today and will be available for pickup in the Bus Loop Doors tomorrow December 1st, from 10am-2pm. 

New Haven Elementary PTA
10854 US Highway 42
Union, KY 41091